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Unlike many other college search engines that consider only a few factors, takes into account more than 20 factors that represent subtle differences in admission policies from college to college. It is updated annually to reflect the most current data available from official government and college sources, and is also adjusted regularly to reflect seasonal and intra-seasonal shifts in cohort data and admission policy. It does not provide a specific percentage of likely admission because doing so is misleading. For example, a 6% chance of admission is effectively identical to a 0% chance of admission. Instead, we use four categories to characterize one's chance of admission: Very possible, possible, improbable, and highly improbable.

Furthermore, provides a "What if?" engine by which students can change their inputted values and see how the chances of admission change. For example, they can see how an increase in GPA, test scores, research outcomes, interview skills, and activities might improve their odds of admission.


About Avalon Admission

Admission process is a creation of Avalon Admission, Inc., a concierge-level company dedicated to helping high-aspiring students gain admission to the nation's most highly competitive colleges. Avalon uses a powerful combination of strategy, data, technology, guidance, and mentorship to help students become highly attractive targets for elite college admission committees.

Avalon's founder, Neil Chyten, is a leading expert in college admission strategies with more than 40 years of experience during which he has helped thousands of students receive letter of admission from every Ivy League college and every other top college in America. Avalon provides a concierge-type service, ensuring that families make all the right decisions at all the right times – decisions that translate directly into better college and private school admission opportunities.

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If you are not sure of an answer, give it your best guess. Later, you will be able to change values using our exclusive "What if...? Engine".

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